Zero Waste is a principle that, in order to be applied to fashion, requires acute, trained and creative intelligence.
In May 2020, Condè Nast launched its Sustainable Fashion Glossary which defines “zero waste” as a practice “aimed at using that 15 per cent of fabric, which on average is discarded during production”. It is a modus operandi closely linked to the use of material from previous seasons that was not used in design ateliers and factories.
Even before the pause imposed by the pandemic pushed us to these considerations, IBRIGU was committed to producing in Italy by transforming existing and noble materials, in some cases coming from the market for the recovery of discarded garments and in other cases, as mentioned above, from warehouse remainder of major fashion brands.

What happened during the lockdown accelerated the development of projectual practices inspired by the principle of Zero Waste. We have studied different methods to reuse 100 percent of the raw materials for the new Spring Summer 2021 collection. The kimonos were therefore overdyed and we were able to use also the silk linings of Japanese kimonos, keeping the original hand-made seams.
We have abandoned the use of new materials and all fabrics, even those used for the sleeve linings, come from carefully selected old stocks of fabric.
But the greatest creative potential of the Year Zero lies in our commitment to use Zero Tolerance towards our ignorance. It is the perfect time to study, learn, grow and understand that first and foremost our daily choices and our unconscious habits affect the planet we inhabit.
It is the lack of awareness in our choices that generates the demand that drives those mechanisms whose results disgust us. Yet our reaction is always: “I don’t know where to start.” The concept of year Zero makes this excuse no longer acceptable. It is time to start and to be aware and we must do it now.
A stain on an IBRIGU garment generates disappointment for those who are blind but is able to say a lot to those who live fashion with awareness.


*cfr.  Freely inspired by Sarah Mower’s “0”, Vogue Italia, September 2020.