True Italian craftsmanship

IBRIGU is founded in 2014 to unites an entire family towards an ambitious goal: to give prestige to Made in Italy and to the excellence of its territory. Franco Briguglio’s experience in textile consultancy, combined with the young and modern vision of his son Luca, and the collaboration of his wife Daria Stuefer and daughter Michela, have given life to an independent project with a noble vision: reuse of vintage and enhancement of craftsmanship.


The Kintsugi

An ancient Japanese art, called kintsugi, teaches us that difficulties, fractures and fragilities can enhance the uniqueness of a product, which is why the Japanese, when a vase breaks, decide to weld the pieces rather than throw them away. The cracks are filled with gold or silver paste, to underline their importance, and the repaired vase thus becomes even more precious. It is from this philosophy that IBRIGU draws inspiration, recovering vintage kimonos, scarves and other fine fabrics from Anatolia and the Silk Road, amplifying the value of the fabric and giving it new life, a new course away from the channels of traditional fashion consumerism.

Skillful tailoring

Each IBRIGU garment is unique: the silk garments are a skilfull assembly of carefully chosen and selected silks, cut and sewn by expert and careful hands.
Passionate creators study the fabrics in detail and then combine them to shape an original and refined piece.IBRIGU stands for a great research work that leads to the choice of the richest ancient oriental fabrics in quality and fantasy: kimonos. Especially the Japanese kimonos, for the variety of their beauty, are disassembled by hand to preserve the prints and tailored sewn; a great work of precision, attention and respect for a fabric that from the past relives the present. The same care is taken for fur garments, recovered on the vintage market, broken down and reassembled on new shapes, subsequently subjected to specific washes and treatments to requalify them to a new glory.

Passion and decadence

IBRIGU‘s strong link with art establishes the character of the brand: each of our choices is the result of a culture and an education in recycling with method and taste. The stylistic code include passion and decadence, a French style in contrast to the strong bourgeois industrialization. An anti-conformist provocation, a distinction from the main stream that gives way to a precise identification of the self.

IBRIGU: the new luxury is recovery