Our goal is to leave behind conventional industrialized fashion channels to return the right value to the concept of “made in Italy” and “handmade” goods that are produced by wise and skillful “hands” that draw, cut, sew, and embroider, forming garments with care and attention.


It is important for us to know that the final customer will take each IBRIGU piece home knowing it is unique and made of the highest quality materials.

An ancient Japanese art, called kintsukuroi, teaches us that cracks and fragilities can enhance the uniqueness of a product, that’s why Japanese people, when a pottery item brakes into pieces, mend it instead of throwing them away; they use liquid gold or silver to bring together the fragments, thus highlighting the breaks and adding value to the broken object. This is the philosophy that has inspired IBRIGU, which retrieves vintage kimonos, scarves and other premium fabrics from Anatolia and the Silk Road, to enhance their value and imbue them with a new lease of life, a newfangled path, far from the trails of fashion consumerism.

IBRIGU extraordinary vocation for art epitomizes the brand; each and every choice stems form a recycling culture based on method and taste. Their style is dictated by passion, with hints to Decadentism, French style in sharp contract to the bourgeois industrialization, an anti-conformist provocation, aiming to depart from mainstream clichés and zoom in on the self with an original DNA.